Washington County Community Foundation Final Report Requirements

The broad purpose of the Washington County Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life in Washington County.

Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Washington County Community Foundation! As stated in your “Terms of Agreement”, a final report is required to close your grant file and for your organization’s eligibility to apply for any further funding from the Washington County Community Foundation. Your final report should include, but is not limited to the items listed below. Also, please be sure to put your organization’s name, contact person, project name, and grant number on your final report. We are always available to assist you in any portion of the grant process that you may have questions about.

  1. Include a budget with final expenses. Provide receipts or copies of receipts of all expenditures for this project.
  2. Include pictures (digital electronic pictures on a disk are preferred) and press releases if available.
  3. Briefly describe the funded project.
  4. Was the objective of your proposed project or program achieved?
  5. What significant changes, if any, did you make in the content of the project or program or expenditure of the grant? What caused these changes? Did these changes hinder or prevent the accomplishment of your objectives?
  6. Identify the best and worst things that happened with the project or program. Describe, if any, problems encountered, unexpected benefits, and lessons learned.
  7. Describe some specific outcomes of the project. For example, what changed, improved or happened as a result of your efforts?
    a. Be specific. Please tell us a great story how this program or project greatly impacted someone. For example, one of our teacher grantees began using innovative technology and current pop culture to teach social studies. One of his students that was making a D in the class improved to making A’s because of the fresh idea and grant from WCCF.
  8. How has the project or program impacted or related to other community initiatives addressing this need?
  9. What have you learned about your audience through this project? How will this impact your organization?
  10. Will you continue this project next year? If so, how will you secure future funding?
  11. Are there ways, other than funding, the Washington County Community Foundation could be helpful to your organization or this project or program?
  12. Please include a specific example in detail of how your project or program increased or changed the quality of life of a Washington County resident.

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