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Below is list of all our funds with a brief description. If you need assistance finding a particular fund, or if you would like to establish your own fund, please contact us. We will be happy to help you make dreams come true in Washington County.

Roy and Mae Lee Family Fund

"Caught and not taught" usually means you learn values or behaviors from the people and organizations that practice them, rather than by being told. If you see someone consistently living out what they believe with power and great dignity--sometimes even in the face of difficulty--those are values that can be caught. A wonderful example right here in our own community was Roy and Mae Lee.

According to David Lee, “Mom and Dad were stewards. They took care of the church, even when at times they really couldn’t afford to do so, and in their death they just wanted to carry on that giving.” Prior to his death, Roy established a fund in the Washington County Community Foundation to benefit Sugar Creek Christian Church. Additionally, he made a provision in his estate plan to give a percentage of his entire estate to the Washington County Community Foundation to benefit five organizations.

“That was just consistent with the way they lived,” affirmed Thelma Lee McDonald. “They contributed a lot to their church and their community. They have taken that responsibility on even in their death. They have set a precedent. This is a challenge for us to carry on.”
Most of us want lives of significance. We admire others in whom we see strength, service to unselfish goals, transcendence over circumstances, and consistent integrity. If their example, if their modeling of those values, is powerful enough, their values can be caught. What kind of values will people "catch" from you?

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