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All of our funds are open, which means that anyone can contribute to any fund at any time.

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Below is list of all our funds with a brief description. If you need assistance finding a particular fund, or if you would like to establish your own fund, please contact us. We will be happy to help you make dreams come true in Washington County.

Lee John Fultz/Russell Trueblood Touch Tomorrow Fund

 This fund is named in honor of two men who served as President of the Board of Directors of the Lee John Fultz School, a school for special needs children located on Harrison Street. Originally called the Hopewell School, this institution provided educational services for up to 25-30 special needs children every school year. It operated from 1954-1991.

Both of these men were instrumental in building a trust fund to support the operation of the school. After the school closed, the fund lay dormant for 10 years, upon which time, the trustees decided to place the money with the Washington County Community Foundation in honor of Lee John Fultz and Russell Trueblood. This is an unrestricted fund that will be flexible to meet the varying needs of Washington County.

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