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Three cheers for our donors!  They are amazing.

Our donors all have one thing in common.  They wanted to give back and make Washington County
a better place to live and raise a family.

Their stories are all unique and we are honored to be the stewards of their legacy.  Take some time to peruse our list and read their stories.  More than likely, there is someone on the list that you know!

Carol Ruth Mosier

Carol Ruth Mosier"Her joy was in doing for others,” Barbara Summers recalled of her mother, Carol Ruth (Dennis) Mosier. “She always wanted to be the best that she could be, and she certainly was the best mother and grandmother. I never had her as a teacher, but I think she was an outstanding teacher as well.”

Carol Ruth’s road to “doing her best” had many challenges. After graduating from Pekin High School, Carol Ruth attended Hanover College for one year. She then decided to marry her sweetheart, Robert Mosier, and put her education on the backburner while she raised her family. Carol Ruth and Bob had three children, Melanie, Barbara and Jeffrey.

When Melanie and Barbara were in grade school, Carol Ruth enrolled in Indiana University to pursue her education. “It was different for us,” stated Barbara. “Dad had a job on the road so he was away a lot. Mother lived in Bloomington during the week, so we stayed with our grandparents. They were great and spoiled us a lot, but we were still anxious for the weekend and mother’s return. Money was tight. I remember Mother telling me that many days she would eat crackers for lunch or just chew a stick of gum. She didn’t mind the sacrifice at all, although she did comment once that she was a bit disappointed that she didn’t lose any weight.”

Carol Ruth received her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Indiana University and began teaching the following year at Pekin Eastern. “Before the consolidation, there were four elementary schools,” explained Barbara. “They didn’t have principals. Instead they had Head Teachers. Mother was the Head Teacher at her school.”

For the first year after graduating, Carol Ruth made up for lost time with her daughters by instituting “girls’ afternoon out.” Every Friday she would take her daughters shopping and buy something new. Carol Ruth also loved to sew and she sewed many outfits for her daughters as well as for some of their friends. “Two of my friends (they were sisters) lost their mother at a young age,” stated Barbara. “Mother made them clothes too.”

Melanie enjoyed a unique opportunity when she was able to team teach with her mother for several years. Their classrooms were side by side and they would plan special activities for their students on Thursday and Fridays. “We did lots of cooking activities with the children that were appropriate with our story of the week. She and I also would model this way of teaching at 3 different area elementary schools, Bradie Shrum, Springs Valley, and Paoli.”

Carol Ruth taught for 34 1/2 years, 32 of which were at the second grade level. She was named Teacher of the Year twice. “I remember every Halloween we would be swamped with Trick or Treaters,” recalled Barbara. “They all wanted a hug from Mother. I remember thinking then that she was something very special.”

As often happens, active and involved parents become active and involved grandparents, and Carol Ruth was no exception. She was very involved with her grandchildren, attending athletic events, National Honor Society induction ceremonies, and even college graduations. Known affectionately as “Gram,” Carol Ruth celebrated the successes of her grandchildren. “She made Christmas special for them, just like when we were kids,” remembered Barbara. “Mother was happiest when she was taking care of others or doing for others. That was one of her true joys, whether it was for family, her students or her church and community.”

Carol Ruth was also deeply religious and involved with her church. She was a life long member of the Pekin United Methodist church. “Mother was always so open-minded. She taught us to be accepting of others and to always extend grace. She always took us to church each Sunday. We were involved in Sunday School, Methodist Youth Fellowship, and Vacation Bible School. She brought us up, along with our grandparents (Florise and Kenneth Dennis), in the ways of the Lord.”

After retirement, Carol Ruth started a new chapter in her life. “I was so depressed the first year that I retired,” Carol Ruth once told Judy Johnson, Executive Director for the Foundation. “The first day of school I parked in the parking lot and just cried my eyes out. I missed the children so much, but I also knew it was time to retire.”

Carol Ruth soon filled up her “spare time” with many organizations. She was a member of the Pekin Historical Society, (she also served as President), the Retired Teacher’s Association, United Methodist Women’s Group, and Eastern Star. Carol Ruth became a member of the Washington County Community Foundation Board of Directors in 2003. “She was an outstanding board member,” recalled Judy Johnson. “I enjoyed working with her and her enthusiasm made it obvious that she really cared about Washington County and enjoyed her work with the Foundation. When we had an opening on the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship committee, I asked Carol Ruth if she would be interested in working on that. She enthusiastically responded, ‘Oh Yes!’ That is how Carol Ruth approached everything about the Foundation.”

“I’ll always remember Mother’s smile,” stated Barbara. “She always had a warm, glowing smile. It was easy to be drawn to her. She was a guiding light to her children and grandchildren. She impacted more lives that we will ever know.”

Melanie fondly remembers, “We loved her deeply and passionately. She was like no other.”

At the time of Carol Ruth’s death, friends and family made contributions to the Washington County Community Foundation in her memory. Those contributions established the Carol Ruth Mosier Touch Tomorrow fund, thus allowing Carol Ruth to continue to care for her community for many generations to come. “I know Mother would be very pleased that this fund was established in her memory,” Barbara stated. “She really loved “her” foundation.”

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