WCCF Announces Mahuron Education Fund and Elliott Family Fund Grant Recipients

The Mahuron Education Fund was established at the Washington County Community Foundation to encourage educators and staff to teach in innovative ways.  This year, the fund, along with the Elliott Family Fund has awarded several teachers in the county school corporations over $4300.00. 

Brenda Boling’s West Washington Elementary School 5th grade classroom will be Geocaching this year.  The grant will fund geocaching supplies for classrooms for teachers and students to enjoy while learning math word problems and riddles.

East Washington School Corporation Speech and Language Pathologist, Cheyenne Stone, has been awarded a grant for an iPad motor learning-based app to benefit students throughout the corporation with speech and language impairments.

Jennifer Stahl, West Washington Junior/Senior High School teacher, will be adding a standing desk to her classroom for student use.

East Washington Elementary 5th grade teacher, Tara Kennedy, will be teaching her students about recycling.  They hope to increase recycling I the school and the community while using the program to obtain and track data.

Jenisa Collier’s Bradie Shrum Elementary School Kindergarten school students will be learning more fine motor skills while gaining hand-eye coordination, and knowledge on shapes and numbers.

Students in Bev Lanham’s 2nd grade class at Bradie Shrum Elementary School will be getting new resources for independent reading, small group, and whole group settings to increase student ability to see text and hear themselves read as well as increasing fluency.

Bradie Shrum Elementary School 5th graders in Randy Nichols’ and Joni Hardy’s class will be utilizing new technology for math topic review.

Lorie Campbell will be assisting students and teachers with Response to Intervention.  The project at Bradie Shrum Elementary will focus on providing resources throughout the school to use during RTI time each week to increase fluency, phonics, vocabulary, sight words, and comprehension. 

Students at West Washington Elementary School will be enjoying Dance in Music.  Hannah Ledgerwood was awarded a grant to utilize dancing in the music room to focus on rhythmic skill, coordination, concentration, body control, and mental focus. 

Students at East Washington Elementary School will be learning math skills during PE time.  Leah Starrett, PE teacher, will be leading the charge for the program. 

Ronda Eiler’s East Washington Elementary School Kindergarten class will be using Magnetic Magic to provide students a hands-on opportunity to discover, build, and play with a  variety of magnetic toys to improve coordination skills.

The Elliott Family Fund, a donor advised fund within the Foundation, has also issued grants for innovative classroom ideas. 

Laura Mahuron’s 6th grade Science class at Salem Middle School was awarded a grant for Solar Energy Projects, STEM solar building kits to engage students in group work to understand the use of solar energy and energy transference.

Students in Michelle Stancombe’s advisory period will be certified in CPR through the purchase of CPR infant, youth, and adult mannequins. 

Washington County Community Foundation is a nonprofit public charity established in 1993 to serve donors, award grants, and provide leadership to improve Washington County forever


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