Foundation Announces Mahuron Education Fund Grant Recipients


The Mahuron Education Fund was established at the Washington County Community Foundation to encourage educators and staff to teach in innovative ways.  This year, the fund has awarded several teachers in the county school corporations over $3400.00. 

Rosie Morehouse will be purchasing materials to utilize in group counseling sessions to prepare participants with an environment for positive learning at West Washington Jr/Sr High School.

Flexible seating will be a new addition next semester to Lesle Leis’ 3rd grade Bradie Shrum Elementary classroom.  The new seating allows students to be more focused and as a result become better learners.

New seating will also be a new addition to Miranda Bowling’s 4th grade classroom at Bradie Shrum Elementary to aid her students focus on their academic work.

Students in Lorie Campbell’s 3rd grade Bradie Shrum Elementary classroom will be learning Language Arts with a new LA Student Center.  The center provides students an opportunity to engage while learning during small group rotations to verbalize thinking in a group.

Brenda Boling’s 5th grade West Washington Elementary classroom will be learning “Why Do I Need to Learn That?” while they engage in activities that will improve their small motor skills and attention to detail with precision, practice, purpose, partners, and procedures.

3D Sculptures in Wool will be the focus of Michelle Chastain’s West Washington Jr/Sr High School art classes.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of anatomical form and use natural fibers to create an original fiber sculpture while learning how to make felts as well as dye and card wool.

Lesia Ellis’ 2nd grade East Washington Elementary School class will also be seeing a change in their seating style.  Ellis received a grant to provide students a flexible seating/presentation option in the classroom with “nugget” seating.

Students in Amy Rogers’ 4th grade East Washington Elementary School will be banging a drum.  A deep carved Djembe Bongo drum will create a culture of praise and positivity and help students focus and tune in to the lesson being delivered.

Tammy Clemons will be facilitating a musical production for 4th graders at East Washington Elementary.  She has received a grant to engage students in performing on-stage with the purchase of musical script, costumes, set design, and props.

Elementary school students at East Washington Elementary School will see Kate Jones promoting college and career education with a variety of different career costumes to introduce students to colleges and careers.

Erin Moore’s 3rd grade Bradie Shrum Elementary classroom will seeing what hatches as they monitor an egg incubator and explore the process for a group of chicks from egg to life.  Students will observe and record data for the project.

East Washington Elementary School might have the next “American Ninja Warrior” contestant thanks to a grant to Leah Starrett that will allow students to participate in monthly obstacle courses to work on balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Washington County Community Foundation is a nonprofit public charity established in 1993 to serve donors, award grants, and provide leadership to improve Washington County forever


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