1. You can “cut a rug” or even make one at this location. You may even be able to sign up for a day trip or play a round of euchre
  2. Having a “ruff” day? If so head to this location to fall in love or even find a loyal best friend.
  3. This location is more than just a gym. They put principles in action that help build a healthy mind, body, and spirit
  4. All aboard! This stop on the game of thrones will help you chug along
  5. This location was a charitable gift from Carnegie and provides a quiet place to read
  6. East of town this corporation office is all for one and one for all
  7. The “King of the Jungle” might prowl at this school location
  8. The Indiana Statehouse isn’t the only building in Indiana with Senators roaming throughout the halls
  9. Step back in time and see how life was in the 1800’s. At this location you might see some characters just “milling” around
  10. While snapping a selfie, make a generous deposit at this bank and help a hungry family
  11. This park isn’t as old as their town’s 4th of July celebration, the oldest one in the country
  12. Brand new equipment for our county youth to play on in the heart of Campbellsburg
  13. Swing on into an adventure at this park complete with a bell bridge, monkey bars, tire swings, and even more
  14. The government building of one town that is a “great place to live and make a living”
  15. 201 years young (202 depending on who you ask) that sits on the corner of High and Walnut streets
  16. Another brick gem that sits on High and Walnut streets
  17. Overlooking the Elizabeth Street Park, this church is also located on Walnut Street
  18. One of two churches in the burb of Canton, but there is no certain “method” you need to use to get there
  19. Many of our preschoolers come here to get a head start on kindergarten. Across the street is another one of Hoosier Uplands’ initiatives
  20. “People Serving People” in 33 counties in Indiana, including Washington County. This organization wants to make sure all people from infants to seniors, in all areas of life, and all level abilities receive services.
  21. The hub of fostering and encouraging community based leadership in Washington County. They have helped repair the courthouse bell, restore Beck’s Mill, establish a scholarship, and many other projects to help Washington County be aware of what's in its community

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Washington County
Community Foundation

1707 North Shelby Street
Salem, Indiana 47167
Phone: 812-883-7334

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